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Group Sessions

The Cool Little Kids Anxiety Prevention Program 

The Cool Little Kids Anxiety Prevention Program is for parents of 3 – 6 year-old children. It is specifically for parents of young children who are showing signs of anxious, inhibited or shy behaviour and may therefore be at greater risk of developing later anxiety and depression. The program focuses on strategies to build confidence and resilience in young children to help them manage anxiety and possible interference in social, academic, or family life. 

The Cool Little Kids Program was developed in the Emotional Health Clinic at Macquarie University in Sydney. Children of parents who have participated in the program have consistently shown significant reductions in anxiety symptoms in the short term, and are less likely to develop clinical anxiety disorders in the long term.

The program is six sessions of 90 minutes duration, generally conducted in small groups on a weekly basis. Day and evening programs are available. The cost is $300 and comprehensive manuals are provided.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • The nature of anxiety in young children
  • Causes and risk factors for excessive anxiety and related emotional problems
  • Parenting strategies for managing anxious behaviour in children
  • Goal setting and small steps to manage anxiety-provoking situations
  • Changing anxious thinking

Please note that Cool Little Kids is also avaiable on an individual basis.